What Clients Are Saying

“Thanks for all the hard work your group did. I received at least a dozen calls from residents in the area expressing how happy they were. They really thought the area would be a disaster during construction but the way it was organized and clean really amazed them.”

John Lulewicz, Arizona American Water


Regarding our Bell Road for City of Surprise project.

“The first phase, completed in November, was a ‘Dream Project,’ city spokesman Ken Lynch said. The weather was right and crews experienced no slowdowns with equipment…Phoenix-based Markham Contracting Co. is doing the work.”

Next Phase of Bell Road Update to Start Early by Tony Lombardo, AZ Republic


…Bell Road projects were very sophisticated projects with several stakeholders involved. Markham dealt with the stakeholders in a very professional manner and City was very pleased with their professionalism. They were complemented several times by the City council. During the construction on Bell Road Markham took special care to inform the public about the project.

Suneel Garg, PE City of Surprise


“This project (Shops at Norterra) was faced with many unknown challenges. Had it not been for the professional and comprehensive efforts of MCCI (Markham), the project’s success would not have been achieved.

Our Norterra project typically requires a 12-14 month construction schedule. Ownership requested MCCI to accelerate and complete the necessary scope in less than 6 months.”

Dan Griffin, Owner’s Representative

RED Development, LLC


“I also appreciated the willingness of your staff to bring forward any ideas they felt would improve the operation of the system. In addition your staff communicated openly with Rio Verde Utilities staff as questions were raised.”

Michael Kleminski, General Manager

Rio Verde Utilities, Inc.


“Markham was required to face many challenges on the Bell Road project including maintaining access to all businesses, continuing flow of 20,000 cars traveling Bell Road daily, working within restricted hours during the peak traffic times, and coordination between ADOT, the Railroad, and multiple Home Owners Associations.”

Suneel Garg, PE City of Surprise


“We have provided bonding services for Markham for the past eighteen years. They come very highly recommended by this office and we are pleased to share with you our most favorable experience and regard for our client. In our opinion,     Markham Contracting is most capably staffed, properly financed and possesses very capable and successful management.”                        

by Lori Dawson, Assistant Underwriter Minard Ames Insurance Services LLC


The last of the priorities is the quality of the work. Again I was always comfortable in this area knowing that Markham was in charge. Their quality of work did not suffer because of the constant unknown problems on this job. Markham was always creative enough to maintain a high degree of workmanship regardless of the schedule or other pressures they were under. Namwest Construction, Bob Richards

“We were able to compress thirty weeks of construction into the twenty two remaining weeks of 2008 and meet the owner’s goal of treating a patient prior to the end of the year. This would have been impossible if it were not for the efforts of contractors like Markham Contracting who worked quickly and efficiency during the initial phases of the project. We at Oakland Construction Company, Inc. would like to thank you and your staff for a job well done.”

By Glenn E. Trice, AIA, Project Director, Okland Construction


“Markham took care of the changes in the field in consultation with the City. In spite of several unknowns and multi agency changes Markham provided credit to the City on the project.

The traffic control on all the project was always flawless. They treat their providers and suppliers with great respect and City has never heard of any issues.

Markham has provided excellent service to the City. They always uphold the contract and City does not have to negotiate extensively on any issue.”

Suneel Garg, PE City of Surprise