Quality Control, Safety & Environmental

Quality Control

To fulfill our quality promise, we subject each project and all elements to our rigorous quality assurance (QA) standards. Markham’s QA process is a division of Markham’s Contractor Quality Control (CQC) Plan. Our QA program goes hand in hand with our problem solving methodology in that we strive to avoid problems while implementing solutions. The QA plan at Markham is not just a procedural activity to ensure the minimum functionality of the facility, but also involves the management of the quality of materials, inspection process, and an expectation of the highest quality service and products to our clients and the public that uses the facilities.



We have zero tolerance for unsafe practices. We do not compromise safety for productivity.

We take a proactive approach that involves the entire building team in planning, written procedures, constant monitoring and reporting, strict enforcement, education and training. We insist on a drug-free workplace and have an incentive program to motivate employees to work more safely and achieve safety goals


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